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Chandler | Ross Secures Six-Figure Premises Liability Settlement for Injured Jogger

Chandler | Ross Secures Six-Figure Premises Liability Settlement for Injured Jogger

While jogging at her apartment complex running trail, our client tripped and fell on a section of sidewalk that had not been properly maintained and repaired after some minor construction at the complex.  Our client was an avid jogger in Dallas and was severely injured.  She required extensive medical treatment, including surgery to heal several broken bones.  She also suffered intensive muscle and tissue damage to several other parts of her body.

Premises Liability Settlement

Premises Liability cases such as this one can often be difficult to pursue because of causation issues and legal questions regarding liability.  Nevertheless, Chandler | Ross Law Firm took the case and went to work.  The firm had two experts prepare reports on the conditions of the property and questions of potential negligence by the construction company and complex owner.  After months of negotiations with adjusters determined to deny the claim (as is usually the case in premises liability actions), the firm began preparing suit.  Medical bills and records were provided, and expert reports made available.  The firm detailed the specific legal elements of the claim and clarified the case in a way rarely seen by adjusters.  The matter was immediately expedited to “higher-ups” at the two insurance companies, and the firm’s attorneys began negotiations which were very clear.  This claim would either be settled for the full amount sought or proceed to trial.  Soon after, Chandler | Ross secured a settlement amount far exceeding our client’s incurred medical bills, which totaled over $97,000.  All bills were fully paid, and our client was generously and appropriately compensated for the pain and suffering she was forced to endure.

Admittedly, premises liability cases can often be problematic and too questionable to pursue, mostly because of legal rules and hurdles that can be difficult to overcome.  But after speaking with the client, the attorneys at Chandler | Ross made the decision that this was a case that needed to be pursued.  It needed to be done aggressively, but with extreme precision.  The firm did just that, and because of their work, the client was fairly compensated for the situation that had been so unfortunately thrust upon her.

With offices in Denton, Dallas, Southlake, Keller and Fort Worth, Chandler | Ross, PLLC is well positioned to provide the most effective and highly-skilled personal injury representation possible.  We are local attorneys and we know the system.  We focus not on high volume and quick turnaround, but rather on taking legitimate cases, and putting extensive effort into each.  This means that if we accept your case, we’re doing so because we believe it has value, and are going to fight vigorously on your behalf.  We provide a free consultation, and you owe us nothing unless we recover for you.  Contact us today.

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